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Checkout the artists who artwork I found Favorite-able ^_^ If you like also give some Favorite attention to them as well.


Vision: Fits the title and intent in the description perfectly. Each of the four gems are nicely done to leave no question to what they...

Vision: Fits the title and are both very beautiful. It's nice to see it has a focus on the sky yet also has other appealing items for t...

Vision: The four pieces do fit the title and description exactly. They are lovely pieces and look very realistic if they were made usin...

Vision: Very fitting to the title and the setting, mood, and layout of the image also feels as well as looks to fit the title well. Nic...


What do you think of Endless Book 2 so far? 

1 deviant said It's good and I wanna know what's going to happen next
1 deviant said Eh could be better
No deviants said It's alright, has some good parts here and there

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What do you see in a person's eyes?

I'm a writer and I'm looking for some help in getting Endless's map finalized. I can't get the layout to where I feel it would make sense nor can I get the land's designs drawn out to where I'm not agitated at myself for not being able to get it right. This is where a trade comes in. If you're someone who can draw good/great quality maps and need someone to proofread written work that is your own or a friends then I'm willing to trade my top quality proofreading for a good/great quality map work for the following:

- Placement of the 6 floating islands
- Color/details for showing the type of landscape each island has
- Placement of towns/cities/villages
- Placement of airship docks

How many files would this be? 7 because the placement would be on 1 canvas as the islands to better show the detail in their full size would on their own canvas's. I would also like it if the placement could somehow give a good idea of how far apart they are from each other because I do have trouble remembering how long (I take a guess at) it'd take for an airship, depending on speed, to get from point A to point B. I would be fine with a key listing the distance between each island from one island to each and so forth down the line.

This is also info that could be given to me after it's drawn so I could put it in the description since this would be something I'd be putting into my gallery. I tend to lose notes for some reason when written or in a folder...very forgetful so yea. This is for my benefit as well as helps the final revisions make a lot more sense without confusion of directions.

I got the sizes drawn up just not the details because I can't get it right or I feel I'm not getting it right and it's annoying me. If my gallery here does not show my best proofreading skill then please follow the link to my resume and you will see final revisions I've posted to show examples revising my own work when I'm taking it more seriously for publishing purposes. My first revisions of Endless is mainly to sort through the repeated parts (and oh how there are a lot) to make the second revision easier on me after sorting through all the repeated info.

I am hoping this trade sounds fair and if interested please note me and I'd like to see examples. I would also prefer the person is willing to listen and work with me as at times I can't describe something right but I can recognize its energy....if that makes any sense. I don't expect anyone wishing to do a trade but I thought I'd ask anyways while I continue working on Endless as well as other books I'm writing.


Finishing up a second test publish book consisting of my character shorts revised so they read and flow smoother. Will post up cover with link once done. I got 2 left in posting this to revise then just draw the cover.
This is to test a different font style and way links respond/works in a Kindle e-book.
This is a test before Origins which is written but I'm trying to get writing jobs (as well as 9 illustrations figured out officially) to pay for remaining art I have lined up for commissioning.
In listening to relaxing Legend of Zelda music, watching Let's Make a Deal and having anxiety not settling down much after an unwarranted fright earlier, I found myself having this conversation in my head when one of my characters asked it to me:
"If given the chance to go back and change 1 event in your past to either prevent it from happening or to change it so a different outcome would happen, then you return to the present, would you take this opportunity when presented it?"

I thought about it since there's 1 event I have wished never happened because if it hadn't of happened then there is a high chance I wouldn't of been used (I say tortured) for others amusement and I also may not of been called an embarrassment from both family and non-family. Yet despite that very tempting allure I don't think I would change that 1 event from happening. Because of it happening I am who I am, even if I hate myself for what that 1 event left behind as a lasting mark. I don't know how much it played into me being understanding of others, kinder than most (according to non-family through the years), and I also don't know if it helped me better understand what someone feels when there's something that freaks them out on a deeper level than just the surface.

If it did play a part in shaping my nature towards others then I wouldn't change it. That said...I still hate what was left behind had before and to current allows others who don't understand/care to be able to do just for their own amusement, or to make themselves feel better/higher than someone like me. Yes it is amusing I suppose to an outside eye but it isn't to me and that part of me would want to change that event/prevent it. At the same time the me as a whole excluding that pained side would not change that event and would leave things as they are so not to risk losing any traits I developed that are good because of what that event left behind.

...Yea I think WAY too much >-<
I feel happy right now because
1.) Doing revision of another story that is stand alone that plan to try publishing before Endless (as Endless is longer and Book 2 revision hasn't started yet >.< )
2.) Saw and bought a container of 60 dice that were on sale and it so cool. There's dice that are them there multi-angled and there's dice with the card suits on them and triangle dice and small tiny pinky sized dice and just so many!
lol I'm probably easily amused and entertained XD -goes to mess with new dices-
On a show with a comedian said a riddle and then the answer and after several minutes the answer just now made sense XD.
Riddle: A family goes fishing to a river. You have 2 fathers and 2 sons and they go home with 3 fish. How is that possible?

Lastly here is a quote off a show I enjoy that I didn't know was out there because I don't research quotes lol.
“Everybody has talent. It’s just a matter of moving around until you discover what it is.” - George Lucus
I just learned a new word from Let's Make A Deal! I feel proud of myself lol. Yay daytime game shows! XD

Word: Absquatulate
Pronounced: ab-squish-u-late or ob-squish-u-late (or that is about how it sounded >_< )
Meaning: To leave quickly, to make off with something or someone

I've just made the world a little smarter ^.^ and since it has a definition I count it as a real word...although one thing said it was a silly made up word so either way, I think I've spread knowledge :D.


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