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Aphelia Creature - Aza/Azari by AlisiaLanet Aphelia Creature - Aza/Azari :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 1
~ Music Box ~
A young girl stood alone in an old apartment building, watching out the window of a fourth floor room. She slowly smiled with the shadows from her red bangs hiding her eyes. "Hickerly, sickerly, docks," she lifted an arm, "the lock ran up the stocks."
    The twelve year old's hand gained a faint reddish green outline. "He hoped to find the heart," a dark beast formed on the sidewalk below. "But when he got there, the stage was bare."
    The monster, shaped to resemble a lycan gargoyle fusion, roared and charged an old woman who had been walking back with her groceries. "He turned to look, seeing the heart," the smile grew into a grin as the woman screamed, dropping her bags and fleeing as quickly as she could.
    Her soft childish voice grew softer. "Out jumped the key and down fell the lock." She giggled quietly as her hand lost its outline and the beast faded away into thin air. "Tumbling away from the blackened hear
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 0
Pleasant Dreams by AlisiaLanet Pleasant Dreams :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 2 2
Endless Book 3 - Chapter 3
Chapter 3: A Dragon to a Goddess
The next day on an unnamed floating island off to the east of Natta, sunlight filtered through the swaying leafy branches. Birds flew and landed while chirping their tune in the trees. Squirrels and rabbits scurried about in their hunt for food. The little creatures quickly hid as a large dark blue talon came down on the forest floor. The dragon advanced, looking around the moderate sized island with his yellow gaze. My master, are you awake? He questioned in their mental link with one wing curled inwards while approaching a small self-made clearing.
I am. Talon responded with a rough groggy voice. The dragon approached the male that was stretching on the ground, releasing a big yawn. “What time did you get up?” he croaked and watched as the dragon set down a variety of fruits, barriers and meat.
I had woke just before dawn and have brought you breakfast, my master. I have already eaten so take what you like.
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 0
S.R. - L.o.t.M.K by FlameAmigo619 andDaJoestanator
Just finished reading the Pilot to Episode 6, including the short, and I was impressed. I will be doing then, to sum up my opinion, this Story Review. Calling it a Book Review didn't feel quite right nor did a Manga Review since it isn't exactly in manga yup. The order things will go will be as follows: Storyline (general storyline overall or each episode/chapter), Characters (how they interact, behave, etc.), Setting (where it takes place, are things described well for the mind to visualize clearly), and Impact (did it cause any strong emotions or anything with the characters).
So let us begin the 1st Story Review!
> Storyline: It appears to be what is, I would call in any case, a simple good verses evil on the top layer. It's hard to go wrong with a storyline following that basic, even my writings in some way follow that for anyone who has read my novel series. I like this and I like how the emotions play along with this with the characters. In the pilot we meet our ma
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 3 0
Endless Book 3 - Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Stamina
Elsewhere on a floating land broken off from Lunar, Marenzo teleported and proceeded to step forwards, slipping around the heavily wooded land. “Juni! Get your ass out here and tell me what you’re wanting me to do this time!” he demanded loudly with a small huff as he came to a stop and folded his arms.
“I thought I told you to not call me that.” Junizotz complained while walking into the area Marenzo stood. He pushed his short pale blue hair out of his copper colored eyes, only for his bangs to recover one eye. “If you must call me something for a nickname, call me Jun or something, not Juni.”
“I’ll call you what I want because of you pushing me so damn hard in this months’ time.”
Juni sighed heavily as he came to a stop and folded his own arms, setting his narrowed gaze on his younger brother. “Okay, start from where we’ve always been starting. Do your breathing and show me your magic ene
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 2 0
Endless Character Profile - Syubi (Updated)
Basic Info:
> Name: Syubi (Galewind) Roslit
> Pronounced: sue-bye gale-wind rose-ah-lit
> Sex: Female
> Race: Human
> Actual Age: 30 (start), 45 (later)
> Place of Birth: Capital city Salos (saw-loos (rhymes with mos like most just minus the t at the end)) on the floating island Zento
> Birth Date: August 15th
> Appearance Age: 30 (start), 45 (later)
> Hair Color: Soft teal
> Hair Length/Style: Long, commonly kept pulled back into a ponytail with 3 braids that are then braided together leaving it
> Eye Color: Sharp green
> Height: 5'7"
> Weight: 135
> Body Type: Trim/fit
> Common Attire: Asian inspired looking robe that is actually two separate outfits designed to look like one. The 1st outfit that is under the top clothing consist of a white, square collared that is just half an inch past her collarbone and is sleeveless, with snug lightweight pants that almost could be considered like yoga pants. The 2nd outfit th
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 0
Aphelia Magic Element Symbols by AlisiaLanet Aphelia Magic Element Symbols :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 4 4
Aphelia - Regions Basic Info
Basic Information
> Name: Linarisu
> Pronounced: lin-air-ah-sue
> Meaning: Chaotic Beginning
> Realm: Aphelia
> Location: Center
> Region #: 1
> Guardian: Hiatsu, the God of Fire
What Makes it Special
> Unique Thing: Where everything began so it has a bit of things from all regions
> What's it do/used for: N/A
> Events needed to trigger unique thing: N/A
Other Information
> Exclusive Flora: Shadow's Kiss (poisonous purple flower)
> Exclusive Fauna: N/A
> Exclusive Crops: Strappers (a hot pepper strawberry fusion shaped like a strawberry)
> Exclusive Residents: N/A
Basic Information
> Name: Faelarea
> Pronounced: fah-lair-ee-ah
> Meaning: Sacred Flower
> Realm: Aphelia
> Location: North
> Region #: 2
> Guardian: Rosa, the Goddess of Light
What Makes it Special
> Unique Thing: Northern Lights that happen 2 times a year
> What's i
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 2 0
Endless Character Profile - Rose (Updated)
Basic Info:
> Name: Rose (Myrin) Kya
> Pronounced: rose mar-in key-ah
> Sex: Female
> Race: Mermaid
> Actual Age: 550
> Place of Birth: At the above/underwater island, in the underwater kingdom Coliest, village Bynol (bye-noll (rhymes with roll))
> Birth Date: July 20th
> Appearance Age: 55
> Hair Color: Dirty Bleach Blond Green-Blue
> Hair Length/Style: Short with bangs, back in the middle reaches her butt. The longer hair is braided
> Eye Color: Violet with wisps of blue
> Height: 6'2"
> Weight: 112
> Body Type: Athletic
> Common Attire: In her human state a sea coral colored dress that reaches the ground with white along the bottom, ends of the elbow length sleeves, and oval dipped collar to resemble crashing waves. A blue labradorite hangs in a rounded drop shape around her neck via a silver chain. A bracelet crafted from a moonstone gem is on her right wrist, sized so she can easily slip it on and off with ease
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 0
Dunfear Osanthos Jelen - Guardian of Trolon by AlisiaLanet Dunfear Osanthos Jelen - Guardian of Trolon :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 0 Alma Dorchaweard - Guardian of Trolon by AlisiaLanet Alma Dorchaweard - Guardian of Trolon :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 3 2 Trolon - The Tree of Beasts by AlisiaLanet Trolon - The Tree of Beasts :iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 5 2
Jordons insanity explained idea
Explained Jordon’s Insanity: Demon possession
> The demon that possesses Jordon is a high level Fire Demon called a Sun Demon due to fire being white and feeling as hot as the sun. This demon is also the reason behind the Archway’s construction.
> The Sun Demon, to get out of bad weather, dashed into a cave and in moving in deeper he came across a skylight and in its center stood a mighty tree. Rain came in pooling below it in a small pond. When he got closer he saw on the trunk an inscription reading “Could anyone to read this, engrave the word ‘yes’ into the trunk?”
> Not knowing who put the inscription, the demon thought it over while listening to the rain before drawing his knife from his shoulder sheath. He began to carve the word ‘yes’ into the trunk under the question.
> New words came forming on the trunks “What is your level of power?” the question was blunt and to the point. It seemed odd and out of place
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 2 0
Endless Character Profile - Coral (Updated)
Basic Info:
> Name: Coral (Balsin) Windser
> Pronounced: coral ball-sin wind-sir
> Sex: Female
> Race: Siren
> Actual Age: 300
> Place of Birth: Coastline city of Hynu on the island Yuina
> Birth Date: September 13th
> Appearance Age: 46
> Hair Color: Auburn
> Hair Length/Style: Long, just past ribcage
> Eye Color: Yellow-Green
> Height: 5'6"
> Weight: 120
> Body Type: Average
> Common Attire: At home she can commonly be found wearing a copper red sleeveless shirt with five gold colored buttons up the front for decoration. The collar is somewhat of a square cut, coming down some but doesn't show cleavage. Her pants are commonly a shade of blue or black that are snug yet still retains enough looseness for comfort. Her footwear consist of dark red or at times black heeled shoes with a 2" top, looks like they are laced but have a strap at the top that latches around on the outside.
At events she wears a off the shoulde
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 1 0
Endless Character Profile - Bloure (Updated)
Basic Info:
> Name: Bloure Windser
> Pronounced: bl-our (rhymes with flour) wind-sir
> Sex: Male
> Race: Human
> Actual Age: 58
> Place of Birth: City of Tiln on the country of Hylno
> Birth Date: August 4th
> Appearance Age: 58
> Hair Color: Brown
> Hair Length/Style: Short, not very loose, styled back when needed
> Eye Color: Olive Green
> Height: 5'11"
> Weight: 210
> Body Type: Average
> Common Attire: Nice suit, commonly dark or neutral in color. Made of fine cotton material and has a small decor attached to each cuff of a golden roaring lion head to display that he's part of the Nobility and Royalty rank, above the Upper ranks and Commoner ranks even if it's just by barely.
> Realm: Aphelia
> Region #: 7
> Region Name: Alwenor Felag
> Pronounced: all-when-ore fay-log
> Region Name Means: Mountains of Sky Large Beasts
> Land: Hylno
> Pronounced: high-lin-ohs
Social Stan
:iconalisialanet:AlisiaLanet 2 0


Equestrian City - Sunset Shimmer The Pheonix  by DarkMalcontent Equestrian City - Sunset Shimmer The Pheonix :icondarkmalcontent:DarkMalcontent 130 10 Pixels by Halkoopa Pixels :iconhalkoopa:Halkoopa 7 0 Aquavian (fakemon) by Halkoopa Aquavian (fakemon) :iconhalkoopa:Halkoopa 8 0 A Long Time Ago... by DarkMalcontent A Long Time Ago... :icondarkmalcontent:DarkMalcontent 14 2 Human Rainbow Dash by andaerz Human Rainbow Dash :iconandaerz:andaerz 967 75 Fluttersandwich by andaerz Fluttersandwich :iconandaerz:andaerz 325 29 Mart3323 by andaerz Mart3323 :iconandaerz:andaerz 45 17 Pixel Sketch by andaerz Pixel Sketch :iconandaerz:andaerz 30 9 Aurora Sketch by andaerz Aurora Sketch :iconandaerz:andaerz 93 6 Plusle by Victorious-Kitten Plusle :iconvictorious-kitten:Victorious-Kitten 75 0 Eevee by Victorious-Kitten Eevee :iconvictorious-kitten:Victorious-Kitten 111 3 Pichu by Victorious-Kitten Pichu :iconvictorious-kitten:Victorious-Kitten 138 11 Chikorita by Victorious-Kitten Chikorita :iconvictorious-kitten:Victorious-Kitten 216 4 Adorable Kittens by Victorious-Kitten Adorable Kittens :iconvictorious-kitten:Victorious-Kitten 39 2 Sleep Well My Love by Victorious-Kitten Sleep Well My Love :iconvictorious-kitten:Victorious-Kitten 38 6 Draw this again meme- Bulbasaur by Victorious-Kitten Draw this again meme- Bulbasaur :iconvictorious-kitten:Victorious-Kitten 64 1
Checkout the artists who artwork I found Favorite-able ^_^ If you like also give some Favorite attention to them as well.


Vision: Fits the title and description perfectly. It has the look of something from the Steampunk setting with all the metal and mechan...

Vision: Fits the title and intent in the description perfectly. Each of the four gems are nicely done to leave no question to what they...

Vision: Fits the title and are both very beautiful. It's nice to see it has a focus on the sky yet also has other appealing items for t...

Vision: The four pieces do fit the title and description exactly. They are lovely pieces and look very realistic if they were made usin...


For Endless Book 1, Chapter 1 fine tuning, which opening scene is better and/or grabs you more to want to read onwards? 

2 deviants said Version 1:…
1 deviant said Version 2:…
No deviants said I can't decide! Both are compelling >_<


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Rosiana Nightingale
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
What do you see in a person's eyes?

I'm a writer and artist. My main series is Endless which focuses on Alura and her mission to find and end a shadow demon named Amoxious. She travels with a wizard named Marenzo and starts to learn about her parents first life. She also has an over caring Water God as a guardian who himself is learning what his brothers already know about handling mortals.

There's action, adventure, light romance, magic, Gods/Goddesses, and sadness. What I post here are the 1st revisions of the story originally wrote in 2008 and 2010. It will be further refine and improved. That version will either be shared here or elsewhere. On that I will be hoping to get opinions to know if anything still needs fixed before I move forwards in the steps to publish it.

I also have 2 books on Amazon for purchase. Dragon's Awakening and Aphelia: A Collection of Short Stories. Go check them out if you'd like and, if you do, leave a rating. You can find a Folder in my Gallery listed Published Works (Or something like that) for your convenience.

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I found this today. It's called Inko Colors and I thought it was one of the cutest things since Hamtaro, just minus and English dub, so decided to share. ^_^


No one can resist the adorableness~
I thought this was neat:
"If we literally did everything we are capable of, we would astound ourselves." - Thomas Edison
lol one of these days I'll learn better. Thankfully had friend help me with my laptop. Turns out that even now if you don't defrag and do a disc cleanup regularly with cleaning out browser history, then you come close to killing your computer. One day I shall learn but now twice I have lucked out! Once one year with a desktop computer that I gave my friend when it kept being rude to me by messing up, and my current laptop I use for all my main stuff. I am very lucky! ^_^;; Hehe
Finishing up a second test publish book consisting of my character shorts revised so they read and flow smoother. Will post up cover with link once done. I got 2 left in posting this to revise then just draw the cover.
This is to test a different font style and way links respond/works in a Kindle e-book.
This is a test before Origins which is written but I'm trying to get writing jobs (as well as 9 illustrations figured out officially) to pay for remaining art I have lined up for commissioning.
In listening to relaxing Legend of Zelda music, watching Let's Make a Deal and having anxiety not settling down much after an unwarranted fright earlier, I found myself having this conversation in my head when one of my characters asked it to me:
"If given the chance to go back and change 1 event in your past to either prevent it from happening or to change it so a different outcome would happen, then you return to the present, would you take this opportunity when presented it?"

I thought about it since there's 1 event I have wished never happened because if it hadn't of happened then there is a high chance I wouldn't of been used (I say tortured) for others amusement and I also may not of been called an embarrassment from both family and non-family. Yet despite that very tempting allure I don't think I would change that 1 event from happening. Because of it happening I am who I am, even if I hate myself for what that 1 event left behind as a lasting mark. I don't know how much it played into me being understanding of others, kinder than most (according to non-family through the years), and I also don't know if it helped me better understand what someone feels when there's something that freaks them out on a deeper level than just the surface.

If it did play a part in shaping my nature towards others then I wouldn't change it. That said...I still hate what was left behind had before and to current allows others who don't understand/care to be able to do just for their own amusement, or to make themselves feel better/higher than someone like me. Yes it is amusing I suppose to an outside eye but it isn't to me and that part of me would want to change that event/prevent it. At the same time the me as a whole excluding that pained side would not change that event and would leave things as they are so not to risk losing any traits I developed that are good because of what that event left behind.

...Yea I think WAY too much >-<


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